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Danzig – IL Demonio Nera

Label: MusicRama
Format: DVD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Pendragon

This collection of Danzig videos will probably only be appreciated by long time fans of Glenn’s work with his namesake band. Reason being is that you are only getting six videos total, with one or two versions of each which is fine but still its only six videos for an entire DVD?

I always look to pick up a video collection release but a another detour that makes this release less than worth purchasing is the albums where the videos are taken from, probably the low points of the Danzig catalogue, being Danzig "4" and "5". Musically these tracks come across less than inspired, boring and the guitars that are usually prominent to Danzig’s music are weak. Creatively the direction for these songs is different than what Danzig is known for, this period more experimental and modern sounding with industrial based rhythms.


‘Sacrifice’ is an industrial dance song almost and ‘Sadistikal’ has no direction. Artistically, the creativity for the videos is fine, still dark and very much Danzig in style. The music on the other hand needs help. Not the best period for the band.

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