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Primal Fear – Seven Seals

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Primal Fear are back with their strongest collection of songs since the aggressive “Painkiller” (Judas Priest album, shame on you if you didn't know that) driven “Black Sun”. With their last release “Devils Ground”, it was alright and I liked several tracks, but creatively there was little in terms of growth. With “Seven Seals” they have upped the anti, adding orchestrations to back a lot of the music. Plus, even though they have been called Judas Priest imitators, so to say, those obvious qualities heard on previous albums has diminished a bit allowing their individuality to show even more now. There is also still the traditional Sinner romp to their style, bassist Mat Sinner's other baby. Ralf obviously cant get away from the Halford comparison because of his scream(“Carniwar”) which is just fine, he has a great voice.


Starting off on the right foot with solid metal openers “Demons and Angels” and “Rollercoaster” it is obvious that their sound is not changing anytime soon. The title track is balladesque, featuring probably one of their strongest arrangements, a great chorus completed by accompanying orchestrations. Singer Ralf Scheepers shines and his voice evoking emotion. “Evil Spell” follows picking up the speed at a pounding rate. “Diabolus” also uses the strings and keyboards to bring out its essence and chorus and ‘Question of Honour” goes back to the traditional “Nuclear Fire” Euro Power Metal composition.

The obvious strong point to this new ingredient is how it brings out Ralf's vocals, as well as what it does for the guitar riffs and leads. All is enhanced and brought to life without being over worked or too grand. Subtle, yet just enough. Primal Fear continues to keep their heads in the game. I'm really diggin what they have done with “Seven Seals”, check it out.

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