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Annihilator – Schizo Deluxe

Label: AFM Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Annihilator are back, in a sense of the word, as far as going back to sounds that can be found on an album like “Refresh the Demon”. Jeff Water's guitar sound is much better this time around and has a better crunch and clarity to it. He starts things off in traditional Annihilator fashion very thrashy with “Maximum Satan” and “Drive”. “Warbird” keeps the aggression up but I hate that Korn style guitar solo and the overly long ending scream is not needed.


Mainman for both lyrics and riffs, Jeff continues to include some dynamics with the use of some clean guitars at various moments to either intro or breakup a songs arrangement like for “Plasma Zombies”. Now as far as the voice Dave Padden does a much better job here and an improvement over the last release “All For You”. His voice fits as far as the consistency within the Annihilator sound, but not as interesting or maybe dynamic as Joe Comeau or Randy Rampage. He has a similar tone to Jeff and how he sang on “King of the Kill”.

But yes this is a return to better grooves and riffs a nd less experimentation. As bonus tracks there is the very fast “Weapon X” with Dave on vocals, an old recording of “I Am in Command” which is very ruff and must have come off an early EP and another old recording for “Annihilator” the song. The quality of the last two bonus tracks are not quite mastered quality but good still the same to hear that classic sound they had in the 80's.

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