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Hades – Resisting Success / If at First You Don’t Succeed

Label: Rock Ridge Music
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Along with Overkill, New Jersey spawned another thrash band in the mid 80’s. Released in 1987, "Resisting Success" earned Hades a strong local following as one of the Tri State areas premier bands. Their debut captures classic elements of early Thrash Metal that spread quickly on the west coast with bands like Anthrax (like ‘Legal Tender’ is classic "Fistful of Metal" Thrax).


Both "Resisting", and from ‘88’ "If At First You Don’t Succeed" have been reissued, remastered and packaged as a two disc set. There is a paragraph of liner notes written by guitarist Dan Lorenzo and a group photo.

"If At First" is the stronger of the two which should be in most cases, your supposed to get a little better the second time around. The style is consistent for both discs but the arrangements are stronger on “Succeed”. ‘Opinionate’ and ‘In the Mean Time’ are great examples of their style featuring changes in speed, dynamics, groove, and melody. Mixing classic metal elements with the thrash. Alan Tecchio’s voice was also a major factor to Hades’ success as his power and range were equally matched.

At the time, these guys were also one of the first Jersey Metal bands to get some major airplay on the largest local Heavy Metal radio station 89.5 WSOU Seton Halls Pirate Radio. I remember vividly hearing ‘King in Exile’ on the air.

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