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Overlorde - Return of the Snow Giant

Label: Sonic Age Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Overlorde are definitely carrying the flag for old school Heavy Metal. Instantly you are brought back in time to when vocals were high with lots of screams, galloping rhythms and dungeons and dragons style artwork. Think older Fates Warning, Manowar, and Omen. Overlorde have more in common with the lesser bands of the time than say a Maiden or Priest.


Song titles are expected like 'Hell Hath no Fury', 'Starcastle', 'Metallic Madness', and 'Mark of the Wolf'. The sound of the album is very retro, comes across strong and does not sound dated in a bad way. Singer Bobby Lucas varies his vocals a little, going from a mid range to typical high end heavy metal belts. He does at times stay in the higher range which becomes redundant. No ballads anywhere, all tracks full steam. I'm not too sure how well something this old school sounding and traditional will go over today with Metal scene with so many genres in its tree? I think many will enjoy this but unfortunately something like this may seem like a dinosaur and is gonna have a hard time today.

The band members sound like they really love the music they play which is important and must come from the 80's generation to get this kind of sound. I found it an enjoyable disc.

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