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At All Cost - It’s Time to Decide

Label: Koch Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Kevin Alba

I find nothing inspiring about this album. It is another album released in the over populated world of hardcore meets metal. What separates this band slightly from the rest is the use of classical guitars, violins, vocoder and synth effects. The end result still does not satisfy my hunger for fresh, inspiring, pushing the boundaries metal. I am not crazy about bands like Killswitch Engage or Unearth but they are the leaders in this specific genre and I will listen to them before I listen to At All Cost. I can see this band playing to an Ozzfest crowd at 8:30am on the Hot Topic second stage to a crowd of just recently awoken mall rats. The album is called “It’s Time to Decide”, well it is time to decide if we need another band that sounds like this.

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