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Yyrkoon – Occult Medicine

Label: The End Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Every once and a while a Death Metal release will come across my ears that just makes them bleed in an enjoyable way. This is one of those. A problem with the Death Metal genre that Yyrkoon have found a loop hole in, is the vocals which makes everything sound so similar because of the barking and growling. Concerning the vocals which are for the most part standard across the board, Yyrkoon's delivery has more style and clarity than most Death Metal bands.


Yyrkoon have the staple double bass blast beats and barking vocals that all would want. It’s what they choose to do around these elements and how they arrange the music that makes this a fantastic listen. Take the best parts of Carcass, like the technical guitar leads and harmonies, mixed with thrash riffs, the barking quality Testament singer Chuck Billy utilizes at the appropriate times for Testament and the production they used on “The Gathering”. If you understand all this then you must be on your way to pick up this CD. I would say a song in particular to check out but from start to finish but everything grabbed me right by the throat (well, 'Trapped into Life' is a fave).

Variety to riffing, razor sharp leads, arrangement changes, tempo switches, and frenetic guitar solos. Each track stands unto itself and no two will sound like the other. They may be similar because there is a consistency to how the band composes. Yyrkoon have found a way to keep taking your head off without getting redundant and keeping a sense of flow, attack, and grooves sprinkled into each track. Definitely a talent to recognize.

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