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UFO - Showtime

Label: SPV USA
Format: DVD/CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Celebrating over thirty years making hard rock, UFO's remaining members from the classic lineup, being Phil Mogg on vocals, Pete Way on bass, and Paul Raymond on keyboards continue to carry on their legacy with this two DVD/CD live set.


Joining them on guitar is Vinnie Moore, who many I'm sure have heard of from numerous guest spots on various projects along with his own solo records, and Jason Bonham, son of late Zepplin drummer John, on drums.

The show features all the classic songs one would want from what is considered their golden period with Michael Schenker on guitars, taken from albums “Phenomenon”, “Lights Out”, “Force It”, “Obsession”, and “No Heavy Petting”. Those tracks being “Lights Out”, “Only You Can Rock Me”, “Love to Love”, “Shoot Shoot”, “Rock Bottom”, “Let it Roll”, and “Doctor Doctor” to hit the major titles. With the talents of both Moore and Bonham it has given these old classics some new life in 2005 and has taken nothing away from their original recordings. Both players are such established and respected musicians in their own right that one really has no place to complain about their take on the UFO catalogue. Now aside from these classic tunes there is nothing from the middle or beginning periods of the band. You do get several songs from their latest release “You Are Here” and one from “Sharks” called “Fighting Man”, where Schenker played on the original.

Both the video and audio are fantastic along with great interview footage to make for a well worth purchase and a look into an essential artist in Hard Rock/Metal music.

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