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Mortician – Re Animated Dead Flesh

Label: Crash Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Pendragon

With Mortician, artistically, their choice in lyrical topics, the design of their website, to the artwork on the Cds is always horror based. Even the layout to their website’s home page with the border crawling with zombies is great. In that sense Mortician always have my attention.


Musically is another story unfortunately when it comes to a Death Metal band for this reviewer. On the plus side, Mortician always includes multiple sound bites and audio from classic Horror films. These guys have great taste in the genre.

The vocals are barked and muffled as most would expect, you can’t help it its part of the Death Metal sound. In the case of Mortician, another problem they had in their early beginnings was also poor production and low sound quality.

With "Re Animated Dead Flesh" things have improved as far as sound and production, you still get the fuzzy sound to the bass but there is more separation between guitars, bass and drums. Still needs improvement but better, that’s unless if the band likes this sound and don’t want to change.

My point is...with such focus and an obvious love for Horror, why is the music so repetitive and vocals are virtually undistinguishable? It’s a waste. Dynamics and variety would really bring the vision on the Cd covers to life.

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