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Lords of the Trident - The Offering

Label: Independent
Format: Stream
Released: 2022
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 7.5/10

Yeah, this hits the sweet spot between Traditional and Power Metal, edging a bit closer to the Power side. On their fifth release, “The Offering,” Lords of the Trident serve up a confident, energetic, electrifying release, channeling Blind Guardian, Helloween, classic Scorpions, Accept, Pretty Maids, Seven Kingdoms, Unleash the Archers. Stryper, and the more straightforward side of Dream Theater. They bring a European sound, but hail from the American midwest - - Wisconsin, to be precise.


Maybe that explains the cheese. (Sorry, sorry.) Many great Power Metal bands can get a little cheesy - - and the best actually make it a pro, and not a con - - and these guys are no exception. They don’t take the hokiness too far, but it’s there. The “whoa oh oh’s” in “Acolyte” only merit one eye-roll; by the second chorus, you’re anticipating them, and by the end of the song, you’re singing along with them.
The guitars venture into Metal crunch at times, but most of the album is spent in the high melodic terrain. Even at their heaviest, the overall feel never goes dark or ominous. LotT are more about the lofty, aspirational, uplifting tone.
The sounds, chord progressions, and harmonies stay mostly within the Metal yard, which should be a comfort to traditionalists. But they also shake things up, occasionally incorporating different elements, including a classical-sounding harpsichord/electric guitar duet to open “Dance of Control.” Soundalike songs may be one of the classic Power Metal pitfalls, but on “The Offering,” LotT keep enough variety to make every song stand out from the others on the record.
Fans should also note: Lords of the Trident have declared “The Offering” to be a concept album. The storyline doesn’t leap out on the first few listens, e.g. “The Wall” or “Operation: Mindcrime,” but I’m intrigued to pay closer attention to the lyrics to follow along.
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Highlights: “The Blade.” “Legend.” “Offering the Void.”

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