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Vulture - Dealin' Death

Label: Metal Blade
Format: Download
Released: 2021
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8/10

Third album from Germany's Vulture, after a short dark intro, 'Malicious Souls' sure is dealin speed metal, and death with that pendulum on the cover art, in the vein of 80s Exciter, Raven, and Razor. The complete package, retro logo, artwork, song titles, and wardrobe. 'Count Your Blessings' is an instant favorite, it mixes the faster with slower mid pace, great melodic leads and catchy riffing. Just how great speed metal should be. The creative song titles continues, and build, leads, addition of piano, for 'Gorgon'. Well executed melodic backing vocals, and riff changes add to the journey.


Two songs later 'Flee The Phantom' brings back the speed, but no lack of variety in delivery, its straight forward but throws a curve ball or two. Can't ask for more from a title like 'Below The Mausoleum', and it brings you there too, Steeler's voice (and laugh) has personality and reflects the guitar riffs, delivery, and overall song arrangements. Plenty of speed, yet time for tempo change in a song, and melody in the music and voice. Vulture get it! Subtle orchestral accent and clean guitar sets up 'Multitudes of Terror', and another solid mid tempo punch in 'The Court of Caligula' gets the foot tapping, S Castevet and M. Outlaw bring the goods in those guitars.
Third time is a charm, beware the vulture.

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