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Steel Fox - Red Snow

Label: STF Records
Format: Download
Released: 2021
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 7/10

So this band from Brazil has been around since 1997, one E.p. in 2003, one album titled “Savagery” in 2018. That's a couple big gaps in between years active, and consistency. ‘Dreams of the Innocent’ does kicks off the album all guns blazing with speed/power metal enthusiasm. Plenty of guitars, energetic vocal delivery, and a gritty mix.


Steel Fox in the family with 80s Vicious Rumors, Helstar, the American speed metal attack, and Ample Destruction era Jag Panzer. And ‘Blades of Revenge’ screams this. A melodic vocal begun ‘Requiem For Revenge’ quickly changes course into a mid pace crunchy headbanger, includes a change for the solo section. Manowar-ish ‘Hellish March’ slows the tempo to reflect the title, and accenting leads. The title track, and ‘Raging Tides’ especially in the vocal delivery and vibrato I hear James Rivera and old Helstar. There is a lot of similarities amongst the ten songs, aggressive delivery and pounding rhythms, see the last four songs. Closer ‘Night People's Curse’ adds backing vocals and twin guitar harmonies.
Not bad, enjoyable, great players, just unfortunate such an inconsistent spotty track record. What does that say for becomes of this album?

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