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Rescue Rangers - Divisive

Label: Klonosphere
Format: Download
Released: 2019
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 7.5/10

Ornery, thorny, catchy, Punk-infused Rock’n’ Metal, full of spite and attitude, but trimmed out with an edgy sense of humor, channelling Helmet, Nirvana, Prong, Silverchair, Fugazi, Social Distortion.


I liked this far more than I expected. I was going to say “I like this more than it deserves,” but that’s unnecessarily harsh. The thought behind that comment (that I didn’t use, to be clear) was that the brattiness of the tone is initially off-putting. They’re called Rescue Rangers, how seriously can I take them?
Well, I can tell you; the band play it very straight-faced - - any humor is found in bitter irony, rather than frivolity or silliness. They bring a ton of Punk edge and sensibility - - of the eleven tracks on “Divisive,” the longest is 3:07, and most are under 2:30 - - but their Metal and Grunge roots aren’t dyed over; they’re at the forefront. The angry Kurt Cobain who railed against fame is present throughout every second of this - - but there’s no sign of Creed or Green Day anywhere. Rescue Rangers will never get Top 40 play, not by any route, and I get the sense they’re OK with that.
Standout tracks: “Peachy Boy” and “Concrete City” are the best of the second half (Side B, for you old-timers), but the best of the album are the first 3 tracks: “Delicious and Refreshing,” Accelerate,” and by far the finest, “Loving Your Servitude.”

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