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Traveler - Traveler

Label: Gates of Hell
Format: Download
Released: 2019
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/10

Featuring current and former members of Canuck metal bands Gatekeeper and Striker, Traveler redid a trio of tunes from their initial demo and added five new originals, for this debut. Much like the aforementioned acts, the name of the game is high energy traditional metal, with vocals leaning towards the high pitched. Plenty of guitar interplay and big, easy-to-sing choruses should hold them in good stead overseas, where this sound is obviously targeted (although with increased interest on the left coast of North America).


‘Street Machine’ chugs to an infectious groove, while ‘Behind The Iron’ (about imprisonment, not golfing) is built around twin guitar melodies that Iron Maiden would approve. At 3:46, shorter than most, ‘Up To You’ really recalls the catchy, commercial viability of Striker, without dropping the real metal quotient. A tough feat to accomplish! In contrast, the high (whiny) voiced ‘Fallen Heroes’ has an early Virgin Steele meets the Sunset Strip quality about it, The otherwise pedestrian pace features a guitar race mid-section, before a reprise at the finish. The subtlety begun ‘Mindless Maze’ quickly jettison the lone guitar, in favor of a return to speeding six-strings. It is the lengthiest composition, one of four that eclipse or come close to the six minute mark. All restraints off for the chaotic, nothing-subtle-about-it ‘Speed Queen’ finale: fast, pummeling tempo and ceiling scraping vocals. Fine way to end an album!

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