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Silvertung - (BUT, AT WHAT COST??!)

Label: Thermal Entertainment
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 7.5/10

This is a band with its eyes on the biggest spotlights on the biggest stages. A lot of the “(BUT, AT WHAT COST??!)” record seems to be aimed at Hard Rock streaming sites, which is unfortunate. Silvertung deliver some serious groove and melody, but the songs feel like they were made under the supervision of record company suits, who are looking for singles to push on Spotify. The good news is. . . there are still a lot of really good sections, as if Silvertung sneaked in some excellent, heavy stuff when the execs weren’t looking. “Dodging Bullets” is one of those rulebreaker outliers - - even the most cynical Metal old-timer in a patched denim jacket would nod their head to it.


Silvertung’s vocalist goes by the name Speed (birth name?), and he has a great-sounding voice. Lots of power, lots of skill, lots of melody, and just a great overall tone. Codey on lead guitar also brings it, favoring grit and melodic leads over lightning and flash. The eight songs on “(BUT, AT WHAT COST??!)” are short, catchy, and accessible for guys in Ed Hardy baseball caps, but none of them go overboard with the commerciality - - they also work for the rest of us. The strongest moments of groove here may just be a bit too much on the heavy and the Metal for those Ed Hardy dudebros to handle. This is a good thing. I love the Sevendust/Metallica Black Album feel of “Dodging Bullets” and “World Gone Mad.” I do worry that Silvertung are a little too focused on getting an opening slot for Papa Roach and Disturbed at some festival, and are not living up to their full potential. It’s just a hunch - - maybe this sound is exactly what they set out to be (which is 100% fine). If my hunch is correct, however, then Silvertung are making good quality music for a certain market target, but at what cost? Personally, I’d love to hear them go a bit more all-out with the heavy side that’s clearly evident on “BAWC??!” If mainstream success is what they’re gunning for, however, then I do think all of the pieces are in place: the look, the voice, the melodic touches. Whatever shades of Metal you’re into, you should give Silvertung a shot.

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