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Striker- Play To Win

Label: Record Breaking Records
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8/10

Now ten years into their formula of blending of speed, power, thrash, traditional, and hair metal, Canada’s Striker are playing to win with their sixth album.


Opener ‘Heart Of Lies’ is just so damn catchy, full of energy, punch, and melody, everything a Metallica, to Gamma Ray, TNT (see ‘The Front’), and Pretty Maids fans would it. These guys have found a way of taking driving fast rhythms, tempo and riff changes, twin guitar harmonies, melodic vocals, and a hook to something current and contemporary, yet grounded in the past masters. ‘Position Of Power’ continues with these elements, slowing down the beat, including lots of accenting lead work and a big chorus. Vocal harmonies are big in radio rock ready ‘Head First’, ‘On The Run’ more modern in delivery as guitars drop out and the vocal is punctuated. If there was a ballad it’d be ‘Standing Alone’. ‘Summoner’ is great simple no frills headbanging material and love those harmonious guitar leads. Yet still they sneak a splash of a speedy change. Great opening vocals in closer ‘Hands Of Time’ for this spirited feel good rocker.
Do your homework, people, the younger generation of traditional, speed, and power metal has been around for years. And check out Striker’s fellow peers Enforcer, Skull Fist, Night Demon, Snakebite, and Cauldron.

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