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Tuskar - The Tide, Beneath, The Wall

Label: Riff Rock Records
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 7.5/10

Where Punk, Thrash, and Doom intersect. Sounds like: Deftones, Fugazi, Rollins Band, With the Dead, "Kill 'Em All" Metallica, Sepultura, Sex Pistols, DRI, Karp, Titus Andronicus, Biohazard, Droids Attack, Conan. . .


"The Tide, Beneath, The Wall" is an EP with just 3 songs: "The Tide," "Beneath," and "The Wall." We're posting a review, in spite of its brevity, because the first 2 songs are fire, as the hep kids say.
This feels like the makings of something important, something dangerous, fierce, and shouting in your face - - the way that early Thrash felt. There are zillions of bands attempting this every day, but Tuskar stand out because of their musical aptitude. In "The Tide" and "Beneath" especially, they reveal a keen sense for what elements work together, and how to make different pieces pop, when fused together. The third song isn't bad, it just slows down a bit, and doesn't have the same vitality as the first two. Check out out this EP, and keep an eye on this band.

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