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Icarus Witch - Goodbye Cruel World

Label: Cleopatra Records
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 9/10

The last few years of the 21st century’s second decade have seen a resurgence - - a New Wave, if you will - - of Traditional Heavy Metal bands. We’re here today to talk about Icarus Witch, who started doing this before it was cool; they formed as long ago/recently as 2003.


Their 6th album, “Goodbye Cruel World,” needs to be one of the flagships of this emerging movement. Catchy, Heavy, inventive, singalongable, legitimate Metal - - this album channels the best of Lizzy Borden, Dio, Ratt’s first two albums, Tesla’s heavy stuff, Y & T, Krokus, Queensryche, solo Ozzy - - especially the Jake E. Lee years,* and so on. I love the creative use of alternate chord shapes, rather than just hammering away at the standard chords and power chords for everything. Their sound may have retro leanings, but their material is as fresh and vital as the produce aisle. (Supermarket metaphors FTW)
Highlight tracks include: “Goodbye Cruel World” (an original, not a Pink Floyd cover), “Lightning Strikes,” “Through Your Eyes,” “Silence of the Sirens,” and “Antivenom.”
Icarus Witch have undergone a staggering amount of roster changes, including the addition of singer Andrew D'Cagna just a few months before the release of “Goodbye Cruel World” - - but this current Power Trio lineup has done something special. I hope this configuration sticks around.

*It turns out that Jake-era Ozzy is also called out in some of their publicity materials.

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