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Brainstorm - Midnight Ghost

Label: AFM
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 8/10

Right from the opening ‘Devil's Eyes’, Brainstorm serve notice they've upped the stakes, delivering a faster, harder hitting set of tunes, all capped by the melodic, but forceful voice of Andy B. Franck. Thematically linked by lyrics related to fears/phobias, the ten tracks rarely let up. There's a pair of bonus tracks laying around too.


Sure, ‘Revealing The Darkness’ begins with violin and piano but morphs into highly infectious tune. Staccato riffing, modulated vocal and modern metal begun ‘Ravenous Minds’ quickly slips into mid-tempo Brainstorm, with big, sing-along choruses. Back to a pounding speedster, ‘The Pyre’ is, ahem, on fire: simple, head down, neo-thrasher. Thunderstorm sound effect, tolling bell and acoustic guitar initially gives ‘Jeanne Boulet (1764)’ a Falconer vibe, which is quickly discarded, becoming an epic number relating the true tale of a French village terrorized by man-eating wolf. The title character was a teenage girl, the first victim. Good stuff. In a more uplifting/upbeat realm, there' ‘When Pain Becomes Real’, while ‘Four Blessings’ marches to a Teutonic military cadence. ‘The Path’ finale could only have been positioned at the end of the running order, due to its unique nature. Ballad, if you like that word, it's a slower, symphonic strings accompanied number that channels fellow countrymen Primal Fear. Check out this strong overall effort!

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