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Haunt - Burst Into Flame

Label: Shadow Kingdom
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/10

After last year's introductory “Luminous Eyes” Ep, this marks the full-length debut from Trevor Church (vocals/guitar), the offspring of Bill Church. Dad is famous for his bass work with Montrose, Sammy Hagar and lately the Christmas obsessed Wizards Of Winter. Trevor (and guitarist John William Tucker) have previously issued music under the Beastmaker moniker, but whereas that was doomy/stoner sludge, the nine tracks (lasting a scant 38 minutes) herein are a flashback to the 80s, when metal was more cohesive, although the scant duration keeps embellishment to a minimum.


The title track kicks things off. Speedy, hot shot guitar and smooth, normal range vocals. Would expect nothing less from something entitled ‘Burst Into Flame' although it is the outlier in this set. What's happening on the West Coast of the USA, with the likes Of Night Demon, Spellcaster, Pounder and Hellfire, amongst others, spearheading the adoption of a decidedly old school musical model? Slot the hard rock/proto-metal of ‘Reflectors’ between Spellcaster and similarly minded High Spirits, which is a nice compliment. A less aggressive Widow, if you will. ‘My Mirage’ steps back to early 80s England/Europe, with tasty twin leads. Pace enlivens for ‘Wanderlust’, with a small guitar workout. Once upon a time, ‘Frozen In Time’ (accurate title!) would simply have been called rock and probably ended up on FM rock radio. Little chance of that these days, but still a well constructed song. Twin riffs aplenty within ‘Heroes’, but favorite track is ‘Can't Get Back’, a solo Ozzy (Jake E. Lee era) sound-alike. ‘Looking Glass’ ends the disc much as it started.
Know they've been part of a couple of smaller American festivals this Spring, so hopefully the record will find its way into lots of domestic homes and Haunt/Church don't get bored too easily, then move on (as he did with Beastmaker).

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