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I:Scintilla - Swayed

Label: Alfa Matrix
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 8/10

I:Scintilla have a thousand good things going for them on their exciting 2018 release, “Swayed;” this could be the time to get in on the ground floor of an up-and-coming mainstream Metal act. They clearly have their eyes on the biggest stage, and they have what it takes to get there.


Their sound has elements of Evanescence - - primarily the strong female vocals and keys, Power Metal, Pop, Industrial, and 80s SynthPop; there are occasional flicker-flashes of nine inch nails, KMFDM, The Cure, Nightwish, Muse, and Def Leppard. Their 2018, “Swayed” album is abundant with well-crafted, designed-to-engage tunes, which remain accessible to Metal audiences as well as the masses. It’s pretty consistently enjoyable, with high points that are too damn good to dismiss, no matter where you come from.
Brittany Bindrim is as talented a singer as any animated Disney Princess; her voice immediately commands attention. Her voice is beautiful and just pure pleasure to experience. Listening to “Swayed” from start to finish, though, I found myself getting frustrated with her, waiting for her to stop being so polite, to break the chains and indulge in some Rock n’ Roll abandon - - but she finally does come through in the final track, the title song, “Swayed,” belting out her parts with power and entrancing might. This song, along with the first single, “Carmena Saturna,” and deeper cuts, “Boxing Gloves” and “Nothing But Recordings” showcase what they do best, and need to do most: infectious Electronic Hard Rock/Metal with depth, power, and aura.
The same commentary could be applied to the band as a whole, throughout the entire record: a bit more noise to their sound could elevate them to the stratosphere. They’re currently walking a razor edge between mass appeal and dark underground validity. They’ll either need to choose to follow one of those two directions - - with the first route having more commercial potential, and the second potentially cultivating critical success. Or maybe they can continue on that razor edge between darkness and spotlights. Hell, it worked for Evanescence.
So, whatever your tastes, check out “Carmena Saturna.” If that works for you, then dive in the rest of the way on I:Scintilla. I expect big things from this band.

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