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Future Usses - The Existential Haunting

Label: Pelagic Records
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 8/10

Thoughtful, introspective instrumental Metal/Shoegaze with introspective song titles that impart the intelligence of the musicians. These are well-written bits of spacey, echoey, ethereal, deep-distortion riff-puzzles, punctuated by hard-hitting drums, designed more for you to chill out than to rock out. Think Explosions in the Sky or Caspian, with a tincture of Hum or Swervedriver added.


You have to admire the integrity of bands who pour this much love and attention into Metal instrumental albums, knowing full-well that almost no one will pay attention. That’s not intended as backhanded snark; I have much respect for Future Usses and their marvelous 2018 release, “The Existential Haunting.” This is just not the kind of thing that sells, or even comes into view, for most of the population.
The 11-minute “What is Anything” makes for a challenging, rewarding first track. The best of the 4 following songs are “Absolute Zero” and “Heavenly Superperson.” Sink yourself into the reverb and enjoy drifting along these lazy currents. This is a very promising debut, for anyone willing to pay attention.

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