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Halcyon Way - Bloody But Unbowed

Label: Agonia Records
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8/10

Out of Atlanta, Georgia, having released a demo and e.p. in the early 2000’s, three albums worldwide through Nightmare Records/Sony RED, “Bloody But Unbowed” their first with Massacre Records. Halcyon Way are contemporary sounding, mixing aggression, thrashy riffs, melodic and gruff vocals. Think early Evergrey meets Nevermore, Devin Townsend Project progressive tendencies (minus the layered orchestrations), and Gojira in the accenting harsher vocal. Even at times I hear some of the rampaging rhythms of German power metallers Brainstorm (see ‘Blame’). The title track more this mixture.


‘Slaves To Silicon’ begins with minimal electronic sounds prior to launching in the moody verses into the barked chorus. It’s an interesting choice of mixing metal styles, but it does with smooth transitions. ‘Superpredator’ is heavy, punchy, and more straight forward as opposed to other tracks. Nice bridge prior to the monster voice on the chorus. Digging the romp post solo too. ‘The Church Of Me’ is good without the juxta positioning guttural vocal, complimented by a higher voice. ‘Primal Scream’ connects with modern riffing styles, barked vocal opens and accents ‘Crowned In Violence’ with a contemporary chorus. ‘Desolate’ ends the album heavy with some splashes of melodic death metal guitars.
Halcyon Way are an interesting hybrid of metal sounds and stylings. Very asymmetrical and unconventional, one would think it wouldn’t work, but the songs have a cohesive construction. There is a consistency to the album.

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