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Cauldron – New Gods

Label: The End Records
Format: Download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8/10

Fifth studio album from the Canadian heavy metal trio, Cauldron are one of several bands who’ve been making music for the past ten years. Part of the new wave of traditional based heavy metal, Cauldron, like peers Night Demon, Steelwing, Bullet, Enforcer, Skull Fist, and Striker, combine trademarks and sounds from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (Maiden, Priest, Saxon), with speed metal (Exciter, Anvil, Raven), to Accept and the Scorpions. So there are no reasons why many still complain about who and where are the next generation of bands who will succeed the godfathers. Start doing your homework, people, and preserve the future.


Of this new breed, Cauldron are one of the more passive names, not too fast or aggressive, with a laid back delivery to the music. Opening cuts ‘Prisoner Of The Past’ and ‘Letting Go’ positions a simple bass behind the riffs with smooth melodic lead vocal and harmony. Instruments drop out during ‘No Longer’ to focus on their harmonies, ‘Save The Truth’ and ‘Never Be Found’ kick up the tempo for more movement and in the sequencing either would have worked better as track one. The opening riff/drum/bass, and chorus to ‘Together As None’ rings nicely like an 80s glam or hard rock metal radio single. Simple guitar instrumental ‘Isolation’ sets a relaxing tone before the aggressive ‘Last Request’? An odd segue, but ok.

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