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Overkill – Live in Overhausen

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: DVD
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 10/10

In fine Overkiil fashion, as per what the name means – Overkill not only celebrate the 25th anniversary of the “Horrorscope” album, but 30 years for the debut “Feel The Fire”. Recorded in Oberhausen, Germany in 2016, the lineup is still original members Bobby Ellsworth on vocals and DD Verni on bass, longtime (since 2000) guitarists Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer, with the band's soundman Eddy Garcia helping out on the drums. I must say, if you ever doubted whether or not Jersey’s own deserve to be on the map as part of the Big 4, 5, or 6 of thrash, well, this show will surely prove the Kill should to be. And if not, “we don’t care what you say, Fuck You”.


Bobby Blitz remains one of the most recognizable (underrated) voices in thrash history with a unique snarl balanced by a melodic tone (see ‘Soulitude’), and Verni’s bass is unmistakable. Dave Linsk really gets to shine as a lead player for this recording, plays the leads as they were recorded adding his own spin without losing the purpose of the theme or melody, and Tailer’s tight rhythms and enthusiasm rallies the crowd into participating often. Eddie behind the kit is the lucky rabbits foot, learned twenty one songs in a short span of time and played them spot on. The DVD has been impeccably mastered and mixed, the video for a pristine picture and balance of light and sound.
On to the show and setlist…’Coma’, ‘Infectious’ (with great crowd chants), ‘Thanx For Nothin', and the crushing romp of ‘Horrorscope’ make regular visits into the set. Being a Jersey guy I have seen the Kill well over 30 times and maybe heard ‘Bare Bones’, ‘New Machine’ and ‘Nice Day for a Funeral’ only on a tour or two so it’s great to get those again. And I always wanted to hear ‘Live Young Die Free’, which for some reason is not liked by Verni? But, then again, Blitz doesn’t favor ‘Electro-Violence’ still they played it last tour and he told me he enjoys it more now.
Taking it back to the old school and the days of L'Amour in Brooklyn, ‘Raise The Dead’ I always felt never should have been retired from the set and sounds even better today with two guitarists. ‘Blood and Iron’ is another goodie they should dig out more often. Other deep cuts that have not been played since the early 80s; ‘There's No Tomorrow’, ‘Second Son’, and ‘Kill At Command’ deliver better in the new millennium, less dated. ‘Hammerhead’ has become another classic played often, and anthem ‘Rotten to the Core’ is a given. DD’s bass leads the charge for the title track to “Feel The Fire”, and the first part to the ‘Overkill’ story speaks the words “So when you walk alone in the night, and bones are chilled, skin so tight, beware the sound of a galloping horse, Overkill has another corpse”.

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