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Drift Into Black - Shadow People

Label: Independent - Earsplit
Format: download
Released: 2018
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 7.5/ 10

It’s really not Doom; I’d categorize this music as Drear. Despondent and somber. The first track, “Dawn of a New Day,” on Drift Into Black’s debut EP, “Shadow People,” is built on a hauntingly beautiful and dreary piano line, accompanied by dark guitars and listless vocals, setting the tone for the rest of the music. There’s some modern Katatonia, Aittala, and depressed Cure here.


DIB is a solo project of Craig Rossi, keyboardist from Doomsters, Grey Skies Fallen; he provides all keyboards, guitars, voices, and production on the record, with help from a session drummer. I’m not sure if the violin in the eponymous song, “Drift Into Black” is his keyboard or an actual stringed instrument.
“Dawn of a New Day,” “Drift Into Black,” and “Quicksand” are the takeaway tracks. All three are really fine, emotionally-engaging songs. “Quicksand” closes out the proceedings with a dreamy sway that will hover in the air around you after it’s gone.
The biggest, less-than-fatal flaw on the EP would be the vocals. There are times when Rossi just doesn’t quite hit or hold the note the music wants. If he auditioned on American Idol, Randy Jackson would have said, “nah, dog.” (Never mind what Simon Cowell would have said. . .) These little missed notes are awkward and feel a bit amateurish. And unnecessary - - Rossi is nowhere near Bruce Dickinson-level of proficiency, but it sounds like he is vocally capable.
I hope he’ll continue with the Drift Into Black project, but I also hope he’ll recruit an unbiased producer for future releases.

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