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Eclipse – Monumentum

Format: Download
Released: 2017
Label: Frontiers Music
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 9/10

So, if you haven’t been keeping up on the current crop of bands carrying the flag for melodic hard rock metal in the 2000s, Sweden’s Eclipse are surely the leaders. Their sixth album, “Monumentum”, is aptly titled, seeing the band continuing with the electric energy captured on the previous album “Armageddonize” from 2015. Singer/guitarist Erik Martensson (also from the band W.E.T.), has found a way to create a 50/50% balance between the 80s glam/hair metal formula – big crunchy riffs, leads, big melodic vocals, and a catchy chorus, with modern rhythmic American hard rock. See first two tracks ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Never Look Back’ for meaty Whitesnakeish riffs, leads and contemporary approach to the chorus.


Guitars drop out for the verse in ‘Killing Me’ with a complimenting keys backing the catchy “whooas’. See also ‘The Downfall of Eden’ for a similar approach. Nice interplay between guitars leads and keyboards. Between the soft instruments and troubled vocal and lyric about ‘Hurt’ makes this perfect for rock radio in America. Really, don’t know how this one is not on the air, but then again, it is America and I’m not surprised they are not supporting another great European band. ‘Jaded’ kicks the rock back into action and ‘Born To Lead’ is such a left over riff from Whitesnake’s self titled 1987 album. ‘For Better Or Worse’ again, another punchy upbeat rocker, ‘No Way Back’ builds momentum (pun intended), with a moody dark distorted open for ‘Night Comes Crawling’.

I can’t believe I was not on this album earlier in the year to write up a review. But, better late than never. Do your homework people, I did.


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