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Exarsis - New War Order

Format: Download
Released: 2017
Label: MDD Records
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 6/10

There are a slew of new young 80s throwback thrash bands in the recent ten years; Havok, Gama Bomb, Municipal Waste, Warbringer, Bonded By Blood, Hatchet, Game Over, Dust Bolt, Bio-Cancer, etc, etc.


Much of the music is really good, all learned from the Big 4 + three (Exodus, Overkill, Testament), and German Teutonic trio, balancing between speed, force, tempo changes, and dynamics. Yet, like their peers, Exarsis also suffer from the same problem, the voice. The Greek’s third album, New War Order has the chops, but a singer who sounds like everyone else. Only difference with Exarsis is they use more James Rivera (Helstar) highs for emphasis on certain words.
Opener ‘Twisted Logic’ is a fast bruiser with some of the rickety clang of the speed metal of today - Evil Invaders. ‘The Underground’ has influence from the Bay area thrash gang backing vocals, while the chugging is more so Kreator. But, unfortunately first two songs are delivered too likeminded. ‘General Guidance’ has a better structure and switch between the straight ahead rhythm and mid pace groove, yet the higher vocal is terribly overused. Hear a little bit of Verni’s (Overkill) bass tone in ‘Just Buried’. ‘Combined Disaster’s has more a Nuclear Assault/ Vio-Lence crossover feel. All around there is potential in the music, but too much repetition across all the songs, no definition or melody in the voice. Overall Exarsis just blend in with the pack.


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