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Sweet & Lynch – Unified

Format: Download
Released: 2017
Label: Frontiers
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8/10

What do you get when the singer from Stryper, Michael Sweet, collaborates with the ex-guitarist from Dokken- George Lynch of Lynch Mob,…well it sort of sounds like it should, a hybrid of both their bands.


Yet, out of eleven songs on album number two, more than half they are thinking outside the box. Joined by bassist James Lomenzo (ex White Lion) and drummer Brian Tichy (The Dead Daisies), ‘Promised Land’ rocks hard with Sweet belting out some screams and Lynch tapping in to more of a retro guitar sound. Second tune in, ‘Walk’ has more funk and Lynch Mob in the riff and Stryper in the big vocal harmonies. Solid darker feel in ‘Afterlife’ lead by Lynch and a slower tempo, unlike their day jobs. It’s different, moody, and works. ‘Make Your Mark’ brings back the energy (also see rocker ‘Heart of Fire’), yet the synergy changes followed by ballad ‘Tried & True’ and the title track. ‘Find Your Way’ again is another that has a Lynch Mobish groove, and ‘Bridge Of Broken Lies’ again slows things down.
In closing, even though “Unified” has a recognizable voice and guitarist, a seasoned rhythm section in the family, both Sweet and Lynch have a writing chemistry where they can compose original songs in sound and delivery. Of course like I said, there are going to be the familiar guitar tones and riffs and voice, but the end product does have its one identity. An enjoyable side project.


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