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Lyzzard - Savage

Format: Download
Released: 2017
Label: Fighter
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/10

Initial full-length from Porto, Portugal based traditional metallers. The opening ‘Night Watcher’ segues straight into ‘Heavier Than Life’, like it was a live show. There's more than a hint of high energy NWOBHM in these ten compositions, most right at, or slightly under, four minutes in duration. The vocalist reins in the higher pitch notes, saved for dramatic effect, and while English is his second language, seems very adept (no heavy accent/unintelligible wording, although their spelling of “lizard” leaves something to be desired!). Speedy riffage in aptly entitled ‘Savage’ is also evident in headbang worthy ‘Fire’. This is not a sit around, passive listening experience!


A mid-tempo ‘Living In The Dawn’ uncorks the higher register, before ‘Queen Of Vengeance’ races along, like Diamond Head meets Def Leppard, prior to either one of them getting a record deal. More speed, with almost punky/primitive ‘Survivor’, while ‘Metalzone’ rides an infectious melody and opening scream. Not sure who thought a closing cover of ‘Maniac’ (from the Flashdance movie) was a wise idea. Wrong! Overall, probably could have done with a little editing (maybe a song or two less) for bigger impact, but still fun introduction from a rarely heard from corner of the world.


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