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Various Artists - Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill! Soundtrack

Format: Download
Released: 2017
Label: Cleopatra Records
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 8/10

There was a brief period of time when movie soundtracks were mix tapes (or CDs) of the hottest bands of the day plus the occasional deep classic, often of overlapping genres. These soundtracks were often as important - - or sometimes more important - - than the movies themselves.


Just in time for the season, comes the soundtrack for “Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!” bringing a fun double-album party mix of Industrial, Hip-Hop, Metal, Punk Rockabilly, old-style Alternative, spooky instrumentals that sound like they might be film score, and one creaky old Doug Kershaw song. Most of the various artists here are lesser-knowns, with 3TEETH and “Every Day is Halloween” from Ministry repping the big name acts, but some of the best entries are from Jyrki 69, Descartes A Kant, and Adoration Destroyed.
Judging by the trailer, the movie is grade-Z schlock that borrows heavily from the Saw franchise and every hot-girls-with-car-trouble-in-the-middle-of-nowhere Horror flick of the past three decades. It doesn’t matter if the film is as great as Pulp Fiction or as awful as Troll 2, but I do speculate that if the soundtrack finds an audience, it could enjoy a longer pop culture life than the movie.
One big apparent missed opportunity: Dave Mustaine provides the voice for the film’s main antagonist. It’s a shame they couldn’t have included a Megadeth song with the others. (“Bad Omen” could have been a nice fit.) Klute's sample of "Skin o' My Teeth" is inspired, but it doesn't count.


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