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Jibe - Epic Tales of Human Nature

Format: Download
Released: 2017
Label: sixtyfouronthefloor / Kobalt
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 8/10

Jibe’s new album, “Epic Tales of Human Nature” is so 90s, my shirt turned flannel while I was listening. I almost expect Tabitha Soren to deliver an MTV News segment about the band and their exciting new release. Every one of these songs would have been a perfect fit on the Singles movie soundtrack.


Jibe were formed in 1994, so this is no youthful imitation of a bygone era’s sound; this is the real thing. They bring elements of Pearl Jam/Mother Love Bone, Dave Navarro’s various bands - - including Jane’s Addiction and his RHCP stint, I Mother Earth, Alice in Chains’s lighter stuff, Fishbone’s heavy stuff, Stone Temple Pilots, Silverchair, some Rage Against the Machine, Seven Mary Three, and you get the idea. The album is front-loaded with energetic, earnest, catchy, passionate, vibrant Grunge anthems. This music would have sounded great and current 20 years ago, and it rocks just as hard today. “Children of the Sun,” “We’ve Only Just Begun,” "Release," and “The Human Condition” are the finest examples.
Jibe do also occasionally dip into more mundane, commercial waters where the poseur Grunge and post-Grunge bands swam (do I have to name names?). The song, “Change” is an interesting, conflicted example of this; the verses manage to rescue a good song from a generic chorus. In album terms, side B has bit more of this kind of filler, but not enough to sink the triumphs of side A. And you should hear the children's choir outro to “Bravery,” near the end, which can't help but to recall the MLB classic, “Stardog Champion.”
Jibe’s time has come. . . Again. “ETOHN” is the most 90s thing I’ve heard since 1996, and it’s most welcome. I wouldn’t just call this a good album, but maybe an important one too. Don't miss it.


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