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Ray Suhy - Fulmination

Format: Download
Released: 2017
Label: Cessation Engine Records
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 8.5/10

When one of the guitarists in Six Feet Under releases an EP of instrumentals, one might have expectations of stomping, moshing power chords, in the vein of classic S.O.D. - - or classic Six Feet Under. But the guitarist in question is Ray Suhy, known also for his work in Jazz trio, Suhy, Silvergold, and Alvarado. What Suhy delivers on 2017’s Fulmination is a sophisticated blend of his two best-known outfits, with lead guitar explorations bundled around satisfyingly head-banging riffs and rhythms. Its closest compatriots would be the solo records of Jeff Loomis or John Petrucci, just - - with all due respect to Suhy’s formidable skill - - with somewhat lower-velocity displays of guitar pyrotechnics.In addition to Suhy on the alternate-tuned stringed instruments, young Victor Montanaro records drum parts that are busy, heavy, and smart.


Make no mistake; the shredding on the EP is plenty respectable, but what's of more interest to me is the replayability of the songs. These are four good, well-written tunes with cool, challenging leads and interesting changes. His Jazz work is highly recommendable, but what we hear on Fulminations bodes well for the future of Six Feet Under - - or any Metal project involving Ray Suhy. If you can handle a bite-size sampling of good Thrashiness without vocals, then find Fulmination and enjoy.


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