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Bloody Hammers - The Horrific Case of the Bloody Hammers

Format: Download
Released: 2017
Label: Napalm Records
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 8.5/10

I can't help but wonder if the band name "Bloody Hammers" is inspired by Hammer Films, the famous Horror movie house of the 1960s and 70s. This is a band whose love of Horror culture bleeds from every pore, through every moment of their music, through every bit of their image. Their sound is more gothic than that elderly couple with the pitchfork. The six songs on their "The Horrific Case of the Bloody Hammers" EP sound like a bubbling cauldron of Danzig, White Zombie, Alice Cooper, The Cure, Type O Negative, Load-era Metallica (sorry), Sisters of Mercy, Marilyn Manson, The Doors, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and especially Aittala. They probably also share some Doom elements with Candlemass, Cathedral, and With the Dead - - which of course, as with all things, lead back to Sabbath. You can infer from that list that Bloody Hammers would be as equally at home on 120 Minutes as on the Headbangers Ball.


Vocalist Anders Manga sings - - doesn't growl or "Du Hast" - - really sings with a low, deep, charismatic menace over the Doom-fuzzy guitar, accompanied by his bandmate/wife Devallia's synths and piano. They're featured as a duo, but a ton of credit is also due to the rhythm section. The bass and Meg White-style bombastic drums really drive the listener and their guttering candle through the cobwebbed corridors of this haunted house.
I'm not sure why this "Horrific Case," their 5th major release, was held to a 6 song EP, but the shortened playtime works in its favor; the consistent, defined sound never wears out its welcome. The song structures and riffs keep it fairly simple, which also helps to ease listenability.
I can recommend all six tracks, but can pretty strongly recommend four out of the six: "Gates of Hell," "Blood" (great chorus), "All The Colors of the Dark," and the closing track, "The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance," with its beautifully atmospheric Ray Manzarek-esque piano, and the waltzy, ride-cymbal-led drumbeat, which sounds like the score for a campy, 60s horror film vampire vixen dance number.
This isn’t just for that weird friend of yours who wears more dark eyeliner than you; this is for you too. Get into it.


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