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The Unity - The Unity

Label: Steamhammer / SPV
Format: mp3 download
Released: 2017
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 7.5/10

Europe, Pretty Maids, 7800 Fahrenheit Bon Jovi, Symphony X (vocals), Helloween - - post-Kiske, Vanden Plas, solo Dio, the most radio-ready hits of Whitesnake's catalogue, along with some sassy swagger reminiscent of Lee Roth Van Halen and the glam bands that followed in their footsteps.


The Unity's eponymous 2017 release doesn't hit the Speed Metal high velocity of their Power Metal peers, but is still an easy fit into this Metal sub-genre, with some additional fond recalls of the lighter, commercial side of 80s Metal/Hard Rock. This makes the worst of the songs sound like throwaway tracks from some Rocky sequel's soundtrack - - "Never Forget," the album's closing track, practically evokes imagery of scrolling credits - - but when it works, their sound also brings an easy-going, nostalgic likability.
It's certainly a mixed bag, but there's enough harmless good here to keep most Metal listeners interested. My faves are "Killer Instinct" with the extended intro track preceding it: "Super Distortion."


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