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Shores of Null - Black Drapes For Tomorrow

Label: Candlelight/Spinefarm
Format: mp3 download
Released: 2017
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 9/10

Define the phrase: "Shores of Null".

A. Concept of Nihilist philosophy.
B. An egregious data error.
C. An Italian Doom Metal band.


I suppose "All of the above" would be a valid answer, but we're here today to discuss "Black Drapes For Tomorrow," the extraordinary new album from Shores of Null; answer C., the Italian Melodic Doom Metal band. What an opening! The intro of "Tributary Waters" serves as an epic-feeling "The Ides of March" (Iron Maiden) lyricless lead-in to the ascendant, "Donau." the strong beginning continues to pay off throughout the album for Shores of Null. There are no earworm jingles to get stuck in your head, but each song is a self-contained joy to experience, with fresh-sounding, heavy riffs and solid dual vocals. Each album listen is liking reconnecting with good friends - - albeit gloomy friends dressed in black.
Shores of Null do a stellar job of blending clean male vocals with a growl, with credit due to the production team for mixing their levels perfectly, so that neither voice is too dominant or diminished. With elements of Power Metal mixed with their Melodic Doom and Melodic Death, and similarities to Draconian, In Flames, and maybe a dash of Alice in Chains, Shores of Null have mixed a potent, forward-thinking solution for 2017. There are a number of standout moments beyond the opening tracks, including "The Kolmya Route," "We Ain't Ashes," "Carry On, My Tiny Hope," and the title track. Listen and spread the word. I worry that Shores of Null could get washed away by the sands of time and lost to obscurity, without the attention they deserve.


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