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Sicosis - Requiem of the World

Label: M-Theory Audio
Format: mp3 download
Released: 2017
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 8/10

If you sometimes order your Heavy Power with a twist of Euro Melodic Death, a touch of Thrash, spritzed with occasional radio sensibilities, then Sicosis* might be for you. Check with your doctor first.
They do an admirable job of blending harsh vocals with clean, which is a major tripfall of so many modern Metal bands. Their vocal duo sound a bit like a Chester Pennington and Chuck Billy duet. They deliver moderate-length, variably heavy songs with occasional softer interludes, offsetting them nicely against each other. Example: opening track, "Principium Est Finis" plays like a gentle countdown, before the breakneck intro of "Dawn of the Final Day (Requiem for the World)." Sicosis do this again near the end of the record with "The Outcry Signal" into "Dawn of the New Day (Requiem of the World, Pt II)." Crafting their sound with a youthful earnestness, ambition, and seriousness, "Requiem of the World" is a solid and promising record for a promising band.


It's interesting to hear such a traditionally European sound from a band that lists Vegas as their home base. While there's definitely some Scar Symmetry and In Flames, their keys also add some Devin Townsend Project and Dream Theater.
M-Theory Audio are cultivating an intriguing roster of talent.

*I assume Sicosis is pronounced like "psychosis."


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