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Wolfheart - Tyhjyys

Label: Spinefarm Records
Format: mp3 download
Released: 2017
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 8.5/10

Wolfheart's 2017 release "Tyhjyys" represents a bold flag-planting of panoramic Melodic Death Metal, with 8 tracks that are by turns dark, complex, grandiose, challenging, moving, and edifying. The instrumental sections - - both stand-alone and in support of the vocals - - are gorgeous, emotionally gripping, inspirational anthems, with interludes of beautiful acoustic guitar arpeggios, with light, tasteful piano touches here and there. As a reviewer, I would never tell a band how to sound, but this is where their growls-only vocals hold them back a bit. Some variant voice textures could really have propelled this material through the stratosphere.
There are so, so many good moments to call out, which run the spectrum of feeling and tone (The exit section of "Call of the Winter" is just brilliant). There are definitely boots-in-the-air riffs - - like the exhilarating high-tempo buzzsaw that opens and is repeated in "Rift," as well as the optimized Thrash diminished 5th outro that closes "Boneyard" - - but there are also a number of contemplative pieces that seek to stir your inner mosh pit more than the crowd at a show. The opening somber notes of "The Shores of Lake Simpele" deliver a statement that permeates throughout the entire experience, from growls to sweeping movements to Thrashy bites to the reserved, quieter moments between: that you're experiencing something commanding and serious.


The album title, "Tyhjyys," isn't the result of a face-mash on a keyboard; it's Finnish for "emptiness." This album is anything but. A must for fans of grandiose Melodic Death Metal.


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