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Chrome Molly - Hoodoo Voodoo

Label: earMUSIC
Format: CD download
Released: 2017
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 7.5/10

I'll keep it simple. This is uncomplex, old-school, good time, balls-out, DGAF, old guy, Zep-influenced, Tesla/Scorps/Dokken/Cinderella/Krokus/Def Leppard/Y&T/Helix/Whitesnake/GnR(slightly)/Judas Priest(slightly)-reminiscent 80s Metal. They wear their NWOBM badge with pride, although nowadays, their sound would more likely be classified as Hard Rock. A neo hair band without the hair, if you will. If that works for you, then so will Chrome Molly. Otherwise, move along. They sound exactly as dated as they've intended to sound, and don't give a damn about your thousand different Metal sub-genres. They've been around since 1983; split in 1991 and reformed in 2009. They're here to rock as if no time has passed since their first era. Cheers.


If you're unconvinced, check out "Pillars of Creation," a reverent paean to all of the great Metal founding fathers. Also recommended: "Now That Those Days Have Gone" and "Some Kind of Voodoo."


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