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In the Company of Serpents

Label: Independent
Format: Download
Released: 2017
Reviewed By: Jack Mangan
Rating: 7.5/10

What would it sound like if Quentin Tarantino commissioned a Doom Metal band to score one of his films? Colorado Doom duo, In the Company of Serpents, provides what could be an accurate answer to that question on their 2017 album, "Ain-Soph Aur."


Prominent elements in the music are a big sky, spaghetti Western fullness, juxtaposed against the steam echoes of a dark, claustrophobic, heavily-reverbed brick building. Heavy and somber as a frayed, dusty drape over ancient, pre-industrial factory machinery, the first five of the six tracks portray lyrical and musical depth, stimulating on intellectual, philosophical, and darkly emotional levels.
The downside being that it feels like the album is building to climax with the final track, "Limitless Light," which plods a bit too slowly through the movements of its twelve-plus minutes, failing to satisfactorily tie up the narrative of the first five tracks. This hurts the overall album experience, but taken for its individual pieces, the excellent tracks add up to a very good Doom record. Check "Crucible" and the quiet, "Limitless Nothingness."


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