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Motley Crue – The End: Live In Los Angeles

Label: Eagle Rock
Format: DVD
Released: 2017
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 9/10

So Motley have decided to pack it in. is this the end?...I think so. Motley have been making music for 35 years, no one is getting any younger, Mick already in his mid 60s, and with on going back problems. This is as live as it gets, all the mistakes (Mick makes a couple flubs on his leads here and there), Vince hitting a rough note or scream, and the Spinal Tap moment of them all – Tommy’s drum getting stuck in the roller coaster. In between songs you also get commentary from each member about their history. At this point in their career, Tommy and Nikki look the same and aged well. Mick, God bless him, one of those underrated/underappreciated guitarists still up their playing all those memorable riffs and leads, is holding on. From the 80s Vince was one of my favorite frontmen with a unique voice and great style. For such a historic tour/performance it’s too bad he didn’t get himself in better shape – vocally and physically. It’s your farewell tour, dude, lose some weight and get your shit together. Shit, Halford is ten years older and still looks and sounds great.


On to the show, its all those hits you remember from MTV in the 80s (minus ‘Too Young To Fall In Love’ and ballad ‘Without You’), plus ‘Louder Than Hell’ being the only deep cut, and two from their last studio album “Saints Of Los Angeles”. The guys are enjoying themselves on stage, Vince and Nikki often feeding off the crowd and each other. The camera shots mainly focus on the band, occasionally getting quick glimpses of the fans rocking out. Nikki tells a personal story (ending where they started in LA) prior to ‘Shout At The Devil’ and shoots fire from his bass followed by more pyro. Mid techno groove is when Tommy gets stuck in the coaster and its left in the show. Rock n roll at its unpredictable best. Best part of the show though is seeing Vince get choked up and emotional trying to speak to the crowd before ‘Same Old Situation’ and humming at the end of ‘Home Sweet Home’. And being a long time fan I felt it too. He genuinely had the closest attachment to Motley. Mic drop.


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