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Cultural Warfare - Future Kill

Label: M-Theory Audio
Format: Download
Released: 2017
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8/10


From Oakland, California, on this five song E.p., Cultural Warfare play a modern version of 80s thrash metal created by those before them on the west coast. What do I hear…Testament, Kreator, and Forbidden in some of the riffing and tempos, but the change in ‘Defy The Blade’ both the music the voice reminds a lot of Helstar and James Rivera. So out the door, and from someone who has been listening to many of these newer thrash bands, its good to hear a singer coming from one of these bands, instead of a raspy yeller, or barker. ‘Ratten Krieg’ follows suit with a fast hard hitting delivery as well, ‘The Damned’ uses a couple mid paced beats in with the brutal punch in the chorus. Clean guitars create a moody opening to ‘Our Dead Earth’ for this short instrumental ride out. Remind me of one of the intros/outros off Testament’s “The New Order” album. A solid E.p. for a taste of what is to come from a full length. Curious to hear more.


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