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Metal Law - Hellrider

Label: Metal On Metal
Format: CD download
Released: 2016
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6.5/ 10

Eight years in the making, the third traditional minded disc from a German outfit initially were christened Reudig, before moving on to Rapid Fire and ultimately settling on the current moniker, in 2007. For once, the record company provided bio sheet is accurate, saying, “Do you like bands which try to reinvent the wheel? If so, you can quit reading now. Metal Law don't reinvent the wheel, they're just satisfied to run you over with the wheel that's already there. If you want something unique or innovative, you've come to the wrong place. Who said that music needs to be original to sound good and be downright enjoyable?”


Steeped in the lineage of Teutonic greats Accept, Grave Digger and Running Wild, this dual guitar foursome offers ten originals and a reworked ‘Crusaders Of Light’ (originally on '08 Lawbreaker). Apart from keyboard tinges, there's more than a passing resemblance to Manowar on several of the mid-tempo numbers, including the title track. Overall, the vocalist seems more at home on faster songs (‘The Liar’ is painful), like the “Thor” narrative introduced ‘Thundergod’, galloping ‘This Dream’, ‘Power And Glory’ and proper disc closer ‘Invader’. Adequate, fun, but not big league, yet.

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