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Eddy Malm Band - Northern Lights

Label: No Remorse
Format: CD download
Released: 2016
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

The Greeks love their traditional metal, especially the 80s forefathers. Thus this Hellas label inked a deal with onetime Heavy Load guitarist (and occasional vocalist) Eddy Malm, reappearing on the scene (in part due to a gig at Up The Hammers festival, in Athens, in Feb. 2016). Those unfamiliar with the original Swedes need to do some homework, but rest assured, the Heavy Load catalog, consisting of just three full-lengths and an Ep, is legendary and the jumping off point for all the traditional/power metal of today. For good measure, Malm, now just handling the mic, opens with an old chestnut, ‘Saturday Night’ off “Stronger Than Evil” and later lobs the more obscure ‘Dark Nights’ from the “Metal Conquest” Ep. Some of the other tracks are from Malm's late 70s precursor Highbrow, including previously released, 45 vinyl single, ‘A Loser’ (original can be heard on YouTube).


High energy hard rock/old school metal is the name of the game. Military snare cadence greets ‘Heart Of A Warrior’, a pedestrian, Celtic tinged number. ‘I Had Enough’ is retro sounding, like 70s UFO and/or Y&T, with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Guitars, and everything else, gets revved up for ‘Turn It Down’, as well as a bouncy ‘Get Out Of Here’. Adolescent sexuality of ‘Danger’ seems a little odd coming from virtual senior citizen Malm. The rudimentary constructed, mid-tempo titular tune ends the disc on a bit of a downer, the lyrics being little more than the title itself. If this, in any way, rekindles interest In Heavy Load, it's worth it!

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