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Freedom Call- Master Of Light

Label: Steamhammer / SPV
Format: CD download
Released: 2016
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 7.5/ 10

With their latest album, Freedom Call stay tried and true to their bigger brothers in sound and style, Gamma Ray and Stratovarius, to whom they owe a lot to. While the Call don’t do anything different from what you have heard before, it is great to have them part of the family and carrying on the traditions of European Power Metal. Freedom Call are good at it, and really hit the nail on the head, and are the epitome of the bright, upbeat, melodic characteristics the genre is known for. Even more so than most, especially given singer Chris Bay.


Now while I like their music, at times Freedom Call do get cliché and corny with their lyrics in a song like opener ‘Metal Is For Everyone’. We all know you, and us fans, love Metal, and especially after you wrote the fun catchy ‘Come on Home’ on “Beyond”. Still, ‘Metal Is For Everyone’ musically includes a nice change a couple times through switching to a heavy riff, bass and drums balanced out with the speedy chorus. First single ‘Hammer Of Gods’ is a perfect feel good singalong anthem - as always if there was a band to make you feel better after a bad day…its Freedom Call. The title track is a little more progressive in how it moves- opens with acoustic guitar and keyboards for something different, switching to the rampaging double bass tempo, and switching back to a slower beat again.

‘Kings Rise and Fall’ could have been on one of the more recent Stratovarius albums, and ‘Cradle Of Angels’ acoustic guitars with Chris’ voice will surely be enjoyed by Rhapsody of Fire fans (see ‘Emerald Skies’ while you’re at it). Nearing the end of the twelve songs – ‘Rock The Nation’ Chris’ voice is really up there for this radio ready rocker, ‘Riders In The Sky’ follows with a return to steadfast tempo for more speedy power metal. ‘High Up’ ends the album on a high note. Shave off maybe three tunes given the genre since a few times arrangements seem to repeat itself often, and make room for more quality than quantity. Same issue I had with “Beyond”.

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