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Steelwing - Reset, Reboot, Redeem

Label: NoiseArt
Format: CD download
Released: 2015
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

Approached the third release from Steelwing with trepidation, as advance word had them rethinking their traditional metal mindset, in favor of a darker, harder edge (witness the title). It's been four years since album number two and lots has happened in their homeland, including the rise of eerie occult metal (an influence evident here), with bands like In Solitude rising to international prominence, only to self-implode into nonexistence. While 'Carbon Waste Lifeform' a meandering 99 second intro to the opening title track, briefly gave me cause for worry, once the proper music kicked in, the apprehension subsided. While one-name vocalist Riley still utilizes a piercing yelp, he also employs guttural vocalizations (see title cut, 'Architects Of Destruction'). Another "improvement" this time around is the inclusion of 'Och Världen Gav Vika', (translates to And The World Collapsed) sung in the native tongue. Guess countrymen Sabaton proved Swedish language lyrics are acceptable to the outside world.


Lyrics are once again based in science fiction (?), surrounding the current state of the world and left unchecked, leading to man's demise. 'Architects Of Destruction' utilizes a lot of historical voiceovers from US presidents, World War II to Bush. Jr. With regard to spoken word sections, 'Network' is another short (58 seconds) explanation, computers/machines taking on a God complex. It segues into gruff embellished 'Like Shadows, Like Ghosts', hints of classic Crimson Glory in the guitar break. The happy finale, 'We Are All Left Here to Die', stages a raging start, them settles into familiar territory. Since it took them a couple of albums to find their niche, before this alteration of the landscape, can't wait to hear what Steelwing comes up with next.

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