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Frank Blackfire - Back On Fire

Label: Nihilistic Empire
Format: CD download
Released: 2015
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6/ 10

Hadn't heard/seen anything about former Sodom guitarist Frank Blackfire since the '09 Witchhunter memorial show in Oberhausen. This CD has been over two years in the making (judging by the sporadic updates to his Facebook page). After the introductory, oft covered instrumental ' Peter Gunn' theme, musically, there are no surprises, with Blackfire (real name Gosdzik) handling most of the rudimentary vocals over nine examples of early Teutonic thrash (reference Destruction and Kreator, the later a band for whom he also plied his talents). As 'Victims Of Society' winds around an almost Middle Eastern rhythm, the drums impress, pummeling to the forefront, as the song veers into Mile Petrozza's new millennium territory, while the shouted 'Insane Human Race' follow-up recalls the former employer for which he's best remembered. Rolling, near punk intensity and heads down tempos are on display throughout.


Blackfire wasn't spending his time out of the limelight writing/recording ballad demos, although 'Valley Of Suiciders' creeps along like an old Sepultura outtake. Tortured throat juxtaposes a choir of children on oxymoronic entitled 'Beautiful World', akin to something of ex-Sep Max Cavalera's Soulfly pit stirring anthems, for sure! 'Metropolis' (not the Motohead tune) is a start-stop staccato riffer and mid-tempo 'Wicked Sister' finale sees a multi-voice (adult) chorus, for the chorus. While not setting the world on (ahem) fire, it is a decent example of authentic thrash, from one of its early proponents.

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