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Flight - Flight

Label: Bad Omen/Prosthetic
Format: CD
Released: 2015
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 8/ 10

The sound of a crash diving airplane might not be the best way to start your debut album, but it dovetails into channel switching guitars, so welcome to a NWOBHM flashback, by way of Norway. Flight have a distinctive 70s hard rock vibe, in fact, their signature tune, which kicks things off, even possesses a brief jazzy bit. The shortest offering, at 4:16, 'As Silence Falls' has a chugging, early Judas Priest feel, while the acoustic begun 'Lion's Den' contains more false endings than a magician's bag of tricks. The dual leads on 'Don't Lose It' sport a long, concluding instrumental jam, but is backed by "Nightrider' a full-blown voiceless riffer: a Maiden-ish heads down, race to the finish.


Drums and squealing guitars start the simplistic, UFO ('Rock Bottom') inspired 'Memories Sharp', a solo cutting through the repetitive rhythms. 'Escape' ride a speedy snare/hi-hat shuffle, with spirited guitar underpinning. The least effective number, is the 'Devil Woman' finale, unoriginal title and pretty rudimentary construction. Overall, a pleasant surprise, from a heretofore unknown entity.

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