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Ironclad - Iconoclast

Label: Bestial Death Records
Format: CD download
Released: 2015
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/ 10

Good luck snagging a physical copy of the Colombian speed metallers' debut, as there were only 300 copies available! It's taken six years to go from four-song demo to CD, like many of their contemporary countrymen, Ironclad take a page out of Germany, circa 1983, in dress, as well as grinding, rudimentary thrash sounds. There's also hints of early Exciter and Cleveland veterans Destructor. The title track (at almost 7 minutes, the longest of the bunch) kicks things off.


Like its surroundings, there's maniacal riffing, galloping heads down speed, snare bashing and piercing vocal yelps/grunts. However, a strong sense of melody ("I can headbang to it!") envelopes all eight buzzsawing variations a similar theme. 'Rape The Priest' has a lengthy, slower instrumental section, before the ending blaze. 'Rain Of Bullets' bounces on short guitar riffs, then unleashes squealing solos, while the disc closing 'Claim Of Steel' begins with six-string barrage and never lets up. Old school and proud. Those looking for innovation or the next "new thing" are advised to steer clear. However, those longing to relive yesteryear (or youngsters who never had the opportunity), check the internet for more info on Ironclad.

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