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Black Trip - Shadowline

Label: SPV
Format: CD Download
Released: 2015
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 8/ 10

The Swedes' debut ended up in my Top 10 for 2013, so to say I was anxiously awaiting a new release is an understatement. Given their pedigree: all current/former members of underground darlings like Enforcer, Entombed, Necrophobic and Nifelheim, sort of a surprise, as husky voiced, high energy old school (somewhere between 70s and NWOBHM) hard rock is, thankfully, still the name of the game. There's no searing guitar, but plenty of hooks and memorable melodies. Scary how similar this sounds to early Vanderbuyst, but since the Dutchmen have since had a radical re-think in sound, very welcome to these ears.


The ten song album ('Rooms' is just a 48 second intermezzo) starts strong. 'Die With Me' is a rollicking kick-off, while follow-ups 'Danger' and the title track are equally vibrant choices. 'Berlin Model 32' is an aggressive guitar driven boogie. complete with maraca/shaker. Plenty of six-string in the otherwise simple, gravel throat 'Over The Worldly Walls', while 'Subvisual Sleep' walks the same path as Blue Oyster Cult/Ghost. Only the next-to-last 'The Storm' shows signs of slowing down, although like it's namesake, the music builds towards crescendo and the vocals howl. Disc concluding 'Coming Home' brings it full circle, back to the start. Will work wonders if played straight through, on infinite repeat. Take a walk on Europe's cutting edge.

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